Are you a lady in one of these situations?

  • You want to take some time for yourself
  • You want to bathe into your feminine energy thanks to your own creativity
  • You want the creations that you make connect you to the Divine Feminine
  • You want to explore your creativity

    All this, without getting a headache nor without any complicated instructions, without tons of costly materials nor having to spend hours in the creation process!

I was like you once...

Before experiencing Divine Feminine energy healing for myself several years and then feeling the call to be being fully trained as a Divine Feminine energy healer and mentor, I did not consider myself someone spiritual. I was a complete stranger to all things personal development and spiritual. I did not know I could receive messages from God/Goddess/ the Universe (please pick the one whom resonates to your beliefs)!

My greatest force has always been to use my creativity to help me express my sensitivity and my emotions, and this is a gift from my mother.

What I share with you in this online workshop is the aspect, "freeing yourself through creation" of the path I follow myself of discovering and discovering Feminine spirituality, and that helps many women:

  • access reconnexion to their own personal power
  • gain clarity, energy and self-confidence

    and ultimately,

taking back their power in their own life thanks to this incredible creative force that resides within all of us

(If you consider yourself disconected from this creation power, if you tell yourself and others that you have no gift whatsoever for crafts, well this workshop IS JUS PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

Indeed nothing complicated, it's literally SO SIMPLE a 4 year-old child could participate, I PROMISE!)



  • Introduction video
  • Description of the material (with a full list of the few things that are needed)
  • 3 Videos to quickly explain the reconnexion to the Divine Feminine crafts



  • This program does NOT include any step by step instructions - but a short video explanation.
    I also added a few pictures to show you how my project evolved.

  • The aim of this program is not to create the "most beautiful creation" nor to try to do exactly the same as I did to the T.
    The aim is to simply create, without comparing, without expecting to do something "perfect and nice".

The power of these creations is that they are SYMBOLIC.


Ton enseignante

  • Certified dating and relationship coach since 2005 /// Coach seduction et relations amoureuses certifiee depuis 2005
  • Advanced Moon Mother®/ Moon Mother® Mentor taught by Miranda Gray, world-class feminine spirituality teacher /// Moon Mother® avancee/Moon Mother® Mentor enseignee par Miranda Gray, enseignante spirituelle de renommee mondiale pour les femmes.

Questions les plus courantes

When do I have access to the ressources?
You can access them just after your paiment is received and watch everything for as many times as you wish, anytime!
How can I get access to the program?
Once the video is up in your curriculum area, you will get easy access to the ressource in just a few clicks! You only need an internet connexion to access wherever you are in the world!
How long do I have access to this resource ?
This is a LIFETIME access, no limited time involved, nor expiration date!
What if I'm not satisfied about this program?
I would be very surprised as what I share here is so valuable and unseen anywhere else-please read carefully the page description to know if this is for you. Considering the nature of this product, all sales are final.